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 Sennheiser is known for its high fidelity headphones that have set industry standards for many years their interpretation of the wireless headphone dedicated for travellers and commuters with its excellent active noise cancellation. 

The Sennheiser PXC 550 has been near-perfect, it has the trademark Sennheiser sound quality .

Design-wise these  headphones have adopted a simpler and more streamlined look . The Sennheiser PXC 550 delivers with an inch thick padding on the ear caps covered with a soft faux breathable leather which provides much needed comfort for commuters and travellers that have long flights. 

Another interesting feature of these was the touch sensitive right ear cup that are some interesting commands and controls for playback and the sound performance of the PXE 550 was just perfect excellently balanced with a dose of fun rather than the complete clean analytical sound of the normal Sennheiser’s.  I noticed it had a perfect performance with every genre. I was quite impressed with its performance with movies and podcasts. 

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This is one of the best wireless headphones in the market for quite some years now. As its name implies and with great style ,amazing sound ,great connectivity and one of the best noise cancelling features. It’s a catch design-wise bose has chosen their really simple and utilitarian design for the quiet comfort 35 to that we’ve come to know from the company for years now. I could say that the headphones have a pretty neutral design and they’re appropriate for any setting that anyone can wear them comfortably. They have an all plastic build without any flash or striking details and one might assume that the quality is low but these will take plenty of beating before giving up, thanks to the quality and sturdy construction, They wages 234 grams which is very surprising for the size and Wireless nature and they’re the lightest premium wireless model and the most comfortable pair of headphones that I’ve ever put around my ears with a perfect clamping force and plush padding. The active noise cancellation is one of the best in the market as well and now you can adjust it via the smartphone app to low-full or completely off. The battery life of these headphone is about 20 hours with the noise cancellation at full and on top of that the features consist of the Google assistance which has its dedicated button and works excellently. I like the base which was adequate unlike other boats models with overpowering bases the mids were clean and detailed and highs were sharp enough I would describe the sound as warm and smooth adequate for the masses.



So v-moda crossfade to may not be as famous as other names on this list but once you try them there’s no going back delivering amazing high-quality wireless headphones and the definite best sound that you’ll find in this category. It supports a decent battery life and the best wireless connectivity that you can find and on top of that they have an interesting design durable and quality build that will last you a lifetime so let’s talk about the details. If you’ve seen its predecessor you would instantly recognize that it’s a V mode a headset as it rocks the same iconic design with a few changes it is slightly smaller ear cups than its predecessors but the fit is exceptionally good and aesthetically these look amazing unfortunately they aren’t as comfortable as the aforementioned bose which are industry leaders in that area but they’re not far behind they’re equipped with nice memory foam and I could comfortably use them as my go-to headphone. On top of all this if you go to the manufacturers website you can customize them to your liking to suit your style and taste one of the biggest selling points of these headphones is the new apt X Bluetooth support which is the highest quality streaming codec you can get the battery life of the v-moda Crossway – is a little behind its competitors rated and about 14 hours between charges but these are not exactly commuter or traveller headphones in the package you get a nice semi hard carrying case and a stylish orange cable for Wired use when your battery runs out the motor was a brand that was known for its overpowering bass head style soundscape however the crossfade twos are balanced and natural perfect for every genre they can deliver some punchy low and sub-base when it’s needed though I was particularly impressed with their amazing soundstage which was three dimensional and their textured and detailed mid-range overall the sound is extremely rich and detailed and it boasts amazing near analytical clarity if you want the best sound and connectivity you’d be hard-pressed to go against the crossfade.


it’s the BEATS STUDIO So, Beats headphones are one of the most iconic and most popular pieces of tech accessories you may see. Since their introduction they’ve amassed a huge following fanbase and since then it’s been an absolute craze first owned by monster, now they’re an Apple subsidiary but they still keep their own identity and breathtaking design ,especially the studio 3. Apart from that they are extremely comfortable great sound noise cancellation and they fit right in with the iPhone users despite being owned by Apple the Beats Studio 3 has not opted for the minimalistic and streamlined trademark Apple design. They’ve gone with our iconic street style design that’s given them their fame. They’re a little sleeker and more refined than the original beats produced by monster with an all plastic build and the pizza logo on each ear cap. You can get these headphones in different colors porcelain rose, shadow gray, blue, white and my personal favorite matte black which has some urban stealthy look to it. The company has marketed the Beats Studio 3 is one of the most comfortable in the market and they don’t disappoint that’s mostly due to the lightweight plastic construction but the foam ear cushions that are large and fit every head size do their part as well in terms of features the Beats Studio 3 doesn’t have tons of them or any fancy new tech however it does the basics exceptionally well it’s equipped with a fast fuel technology that provides 3 hours of playback time in about 10 minutes of charging perfect for commuters that are always in a rush. It’s equipped with Apple’s w1 chip that delivers about 22 hours of playback time with the active noise-cancelling on however it achieves this only with Apple devices it manages about half of that with Android devices with a great soundscape designed for the masses great battery life and perfect performance for Apple users. The Beats Studio 3 is one of the best headphones in the market.


 Sony WH 1000x m3 

First off I want to say that no other headphone can achieve the excellence of the Sony WH 1000x m3 and I don’t see it happening for at least a few years. It improves on its already excellent predecessor with some design touches and enhanced technologies it the best combination of features that are very cleverly implemented such as the delicious sound and perfect noise cancellation for starters. The Sony WH 1000 X m3 has not changed a lot from its predecessor but some slight tweaks make it a masterpiece. You can get it in one of two tasteful color schemes the dark black and the platinum silver. One of the biggest improvements comes to the headband which bends naturally and gives a closer fit looking professional and streamlined on your head the comfort is top of the class as well and you can wear these for hours without feeling any kind of strain. These headphones support Sony’s HD noise canceling processor QN1 that manages to block mid and high frequency sounds ,that other manufacturers with pay NC lack the QN one also improves the audio performance of the device by handling 32-bit signal processing. The battery life of these headphones is about 30 hours even with the NC activated and it’s quick charge feature is perfect delivering five hours of play time in just 10 minutes of charging .I was extremely impressed with the touch sensitive right ear camp which was pretty responsive accurate and easy to learn its coolest feature was the quick attention mode when you hold your palm over the ear cup and music and noise cancelling is turned off to listen to outside noises. The clean and refined sound of these headphones comes from the analog amplifier delivering excellent instrumentals and vocals with a punchy and aggressive low range clear and neutral mids and sharply detailed highs ,you can switch from genre to genre and still get a perfect experience providing the best noise cancellation and increased comfort with high quality sound. it’ll become your best friend excelling in every category 

These are the best headphones that money can buy in 2019.


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